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4pm RPEX - The Ogre's Lair

4pm RPEX - The Ogre's Lair

Ticket admits 1


This is a ticket for an in-person adventure at Chimera Hobby Shop in Appleton: 808 W Wisconsin Ave, Ste C, Appleton, WI 54914


When: June 22, 2024,  4pm-6pm


The Copper Mug Tavern is missing its shipment of ale. Can your party find out where it has gone to and defeat those who have taken it?


Play as one of 10 classes as you EXPLORE the dungeon. Watch out for TRAPS, interact with fun NPCs, solve PUZZLES, and combat monsters with our familiar d20 system. You will be rewarded with a collectible MAGIC ITEM pin which grants your character bonuses the next time you play. Earn XP and level up!



The first 30 minutes of your timeslot (0:00-0:30) are set aside for checking in with intake, learning to play, and building up your character.

At (0:30) you will be brought into the dungeon for one hour of adventure!

When your adventure concludes, you will have half an hour (1:30-2:00) to roll for treasure!


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