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Studio 6d6 was founded in 2014 by Andy "Cosmo Joe" Watkins to make creative, artistic products for the hobby game industry. 

Studio d6d is the working studio of Andy Watkins and his crew.

Andy and his crew are all hard-core gamers who live to create great products for gamers.

If you would like to visit Studio 6d6 please give us a call or send us an email.

RPEX Role Play Experience

Did you ever want a Full Scale Dungeon that you could explore in character? Earn experience, level up, gain treasure.

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Products made at Studio 6d6


Custom Game Tables!

and Cup Holder, Dice Trays, ect...



Magic Missile Dice

Fireball Dice

Lightning Dice

Sneak Attack Dice

Death Magic Dice

Healer Dice

Life Dice

"Crit" Dice

Weather d12

Mood d12

Acid Dice

Frost Dice

Sneak Attack Dice

Pumpkin d6s

Large Print Dice

Socks of Speed

Socks of Elvenkind

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