RPEX Full Scale Dungeon is an experience like no other that allows players to experience quests in real life!

Experience RPEX at great conventions like Genghis Con, Gary Con, Phoenix Con, and Gamehole Con!


The Golem's Puzzle

An ancient temple with a fearsome guardian awaits heroes in search of treasure. Players will enjoy puzzles, exploration, and combat in this fun adventure.

Golems Puzzle prev.png

The Ogre's Lair

An Ogre has been causing trouble and the nearby villagers could use the help of heroes. Players will enjoy combat, exploration, and problem-solving in this heroic adventure.

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The Lich's Debt

An ancient evil sleeps for now.  Players will enjoy puzzles, combat, exploration, and problem-solving in this heroic and spooky adventure.

Lichs Debt prev.png

The Dragon Cult

People have been going missing; could it be the new cultists?  Players will enjoy combat, exploration, and problem-solving in this NEW adventure.

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