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RPEX Full Scale Dungeon is an experience like no other that allows players to experience quests in real life!

Experience RPEX at great conventions like Genghis Con, Gary Con, Phoenix Con, and Gamehole Con!



We currently have 8 different quests for you to explore!

The Golem's Puzzle
An ancient temple with a fearsome guardian awaits heroes in search of treasure. Players will enjoy puzzles, exploration, and combat in this fun adventure.

Golems Puzzle prev.png

The Ogre's Lair
The village tavern could use the help of a few brave heroes. The shipment of ale should have been here yesterday... Players will enjoy combat, exploration, NPCs, and problem solving in this heroic adventure.

newportfolio (2).png

The Lich's Debt
An ancient evil sleeps for now.  Players will enjoy puzzles, combat, exploration, and problem-solving in this spooky adventure.

Lichs Debt prev.png

The Dragon Cult
A secret cult has been causing trouble in the city.  Is there a band of heroes bold enough to take them on? Players will enjoy combat, puzzles, NPCs, and exploration in this epic adventure.

newportfolio (3).png

The Queen's Port
There is trouble afoot at the docks. Players will enjoy NPCs, combat, exploration, and problem solving in this city adventure.


The Bard's Rest
Treasure awaits those brave enough to seek it at this bard's final resting place. Players will enjoy combat, NPCs, exploration, and puzzles in this fun adventure.


Thieves' Honor

There is trouble in the city and it requires nuance. Players will enjoy combat, NPCs, exploration, and puzzles in this fun NEW adventure.

2-01 (1).png

The Dragon's Lair
An evil dragon has kidnapped a member of the royal family, only the help of a brave group of adventurers can save the day.. Players will enjoy combat, NPCs, exploration, and puzzles in this fun NEW adventure.


For the latest updates and information on upcoming events, join our Facebook and Discord groups!


RPEX is great because of the players!

Here are links to several player-created resources.

RPEX Pin Database

PCC Excel-based Player Builder

List of Player Experience Point Totals

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