Cosmo Joe, Artist

Andy "Cosmo Joe" Watkins was born in Milwaukee, WI. At the age of 27 he quit his job to pursue his dreams of creating art. At first he would paint pictures on street corners across the mid-west. His unique art and personality soon drew attention; he was even described as "mesmerizing" by the New York Times.
Watkins has painted thousands of paintings, has been in the top 25 in the world's largest art compitition, Art Prize, and has designed several games.
He can often be found painting pictures downtown Madison, WI when he is not at Studio 6d6 his workspace and gallery.

Andy "Cosmo Joe" Watkins


2007 to Present Street Artist 

2018 RPEX Player's Guide, Author

2018 RPEX Game System, Designer

2018 RPEX Full Scale Dungeon, Designer

2017 Knights of the Dinner Table, Contributing Artist

2017 Big Rapids, Residency

2017 Art Prize, Top 20

2016 Crit d20, Designer

2016 Art Prize, Top 25

2015 Magic Missile Dice, Designer

2015 Secura Show, Trout Art Museum

2015 Art Prize, Top 25

2014 Studio 6d6, Founder

2014 Art Prize, Top 25

2013 Art Prize, Top 25

2012 Art Prize, Top 25

2011 Art Affair Gallery, Owner

2010 Envy Design, Solo Art Show