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What is Studio 6d6?

Studio 6d6 is a workshop and gallery founded by artist Andy "Cosmo Joe" Watkins.  They  perform spray paint art shows, sell designer gaming dice, have created and run RPEX, a full scale traveling dungeon adventure, and are co-founders of Phoenix Con, a gaming convention based in Appleton WI!

Art Troupe

Andy "Cosmo Joe" Watkins quit his job in 2008 and began painting pictures on street corners in Wisconsin.His "unique style and charisma" eventually provided him the ability to found Studio 6d6 in 2014. Studio 6d6 is the working studio for Cosmo and his crew. 

Cosmo Joe and his Art Troupe love painting pictures and sharing them with the world!  They travel near and far putting on spray art shows to spread beauty and art.


RPEX Full Scale Dungeon is an experience like no other that allows players to experience epic quests in real life! RPEX was created by Studio 6d6 founder Andy "Cosmo Joe" Watkins, a Wisconsin game designer and artist.Experience RPEX at great conventions like Gary ConGenghis Con, GEN CON, and Gamehole Con! In 2021, we even hosted our first convention: Phoenix Con in Wisconsin!

repx logo smoke.png

Join the RPEX Discord HERE

Phoenix Con

Appleton, WI

Based in Downtown Appleton WI, Phoenix Con rose above the ashes of the pandemic for gamers to gather together again. It's Wisconsin's BEST Summer gaming convention! Get more information below.

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